3 Things That Set Us Apart From Other Dental Practices

For some, looking for a dentist in Benbrook, TX can be a tough decision for there are many dentist in the area offering the same services that we do here at Whittle Dentistry. We also understand that you may need to make sure that Whittle Dentisty is the right dental practice for you before scheduling an appointment with Dr. William Whittle so here’s a few things that set us apart from other dental practices in the area:

1. When looking for a dentist one should reach out to friends, colleagues and people whose recommendation you trust. Patients compliment us all the time, and patients who are referred to us say our reputation in the community is what brings people in! Visit Whittle Dentistry when and if you are in the Benbrook, TX area to experience the great customer service provided here for yourself.

2. Financing dental treatment is a concern for many patients and most insurance companies have a strict list of providers that are in your coverage network. Whittle Dentistry works with several insurance providers and offers affordable payment plans, even for popular treatments like Invisalign®!

3. It’s always encouraged to look up a dental professional’s credentials, i.e., their degrees and training before you make your first appointment. Dr. Whittle holds degrees from Texas Christian University and Baylor College of Dentistry, where he received his D.D.S. He is also an active engineer for the Grapevine Vintage Railroad in Grapevine, TX so there’s no question that he’ll keep your smile on the right track.

Does that narrow your decision? Contact Dr. Whittle TODAY at 817.249.5522. You won’t regret it!