5 Memorial Day Foods/Drinks to Avoid

With Memorial Day weekend right around the corner Dr. William Whittle of Whittle Dentistry in the Benbrook, TXarea wants his patients to be aware of 5 barbecue foods/drinks that can stain and damage teeth:

1. BBQ sauce and other dark sauces. What’s a BBQ without BBQ sauce? However, Dr. Whittle warns that sauces that are dark, sticky and hot, stick to and stain teeth. Dr. Whittle recommends rinsing after eating anything with BBQ sauce if you can’t brush.

2. Corn on the cob. Corn is healthy right? Corn can get stuck in teeth, and this can force teeth to separate. To keep this from happening, Dr. Whittle suggests that you floss the corn out from between your teeth as soon as you can.

3. Citrusy drinks. These drinks have a lot of acid in them that wear away enamel if left to sit. Teeth can also change color and even shape if the acid is left to cause erosion. Moreover, these drinks dry out the mouth. This is a problem because it prevents saliva from doing its job. Brushing or rinsing can remove most of the acid and stimulate saliva.

4. Popsicles and slushies. When it is hot people reach for popsicles and slushies as an icy cold treat. Dr. Whittlenotes however that any food/drink that stains your tongue will also stain your teeth. Always brush after eating a popsicle and/or drinking a slushy.

5. S’mores. For those planning on having a campfire during a Memorial Day party and cooking up some S’mores, Dr. Whittle explains that S’mores are sticky and contain sugar which provides a double threat to your teeth. Brush your teeth as soon as you can after eating s’mores.

If you or someone you know is interested in brightening their smile Dr. Whittle offers TWO teeth whitening systems! Simply contact Dr. Whittle at 817.249.5522, or stop by Whittle Dentistry when and if you are in the Benbrook, TXarea. Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend, and remember, your Memorial Day weekend plans should not include staining or damaging your teeth.