A Letter to My Teeth

Dear Teeth,

For as long as I can remember, we’ve had our insecurities. These past few months I’ve been hiding you inside my mouth, pursing my lips in a duck-like fashion and other silly ways during photos and that God-forsaken “selfie” to hide how yellow you’ve become. My friends would be so ashamed of me. It hasn’t always been this bad. I had worked so hard when I was young to keep you healthy and fit. Before I was a teen, mom and dad would take us to see the dentist every three months or so to see Dr. William Whittle. Remember how sweet and gentle they were? They didn’t “poke and prod” at you as we had thought they were going to. They moved their hands so swiftly, lightly pressing each of you with soft hands. And the cleaning felt cool and tasted like bubble-gum (YUM!).

Then there was that one time in middle school when I put you inside those pretty pink braces that put you through hours of what you may have thought were torture. It wasn’t as bad for us as I thought it was going to be. We got used to it pretty quickly, and from what I remember, we had a really good time doing everything we wanted to. We played clarinet, we sang in the chorus at school, and we ate almost everything we wanted without any trouble. I remember we broke a bracket once, but that was a really easy fix once we called Dr. William Whittle.

Now, looking back on everything we have been through, choosing not going to the dentist for the past few months has been bad. Very, very bad. Trying to fix you at home has not been working as I had thought it would. Although going to the dentist will take away some of the hard earned cash in my pocket, I know that it’s more costly to just wait for these bad things to happen to you. My health insurance will help me as well, so it won’t impact the cost too much. This is important for us.

Remember that time we went to see Dr. William Whittle, and they had to drill into you because of all of those cavities? Or when we went to the Whittle Dentistry near Cresson, TX that one time, and they told us we had to get a root canal because you were decaying! That may be one of the reasons why I’m afraid to go again. It has not been easy to take care of you recently. It was so easy to just let you do what you wanted, without the use of my brush or floss to help you fight off the plaque and bacteria that would attack you. However, we can’t wait any longer. I can’t let the fear of going to the dentist control the pain in my jaw.

I’m so sorry for letting you go through this fight alone. I had promised to fight for you every morning and night, and I know I have been letting you down. But I will not let you down anymore! It’s a new year, and it’s time for new promises. I promise to brush my teeth twice a day, and floss between your spaces. I promise to rinse all of the germs that stick to you, and protect you from anything that can make hurt you and cause you to fall out. I promise to always help you grow big and strong by avoiding those sugar drinks, and choosing to eat healthy snack foods. I know you like fruits and veggies, and I know you like milk because the calcium makes you big and strong.

Also, I have heard that they’ve been working with new advances in the field of dentistry, and there are ways that I can get you back to your healthy self again! I’m going to call 817.249.5522 to talk to Whittle Dentistry near Cresson, TX right now and see if I can meet with Dr. William Whittle real soon!

I promise with all that I am to get you back into the shape you once were. I miss you every day.

Love always,