What are some of the Benefits Cosmetic Dentistry Offers?

Today, cosmetic dentistry has become very popular, from whitening and shaping teeth, closing the gaps, to replacing teeth with dental implants and veneers. With cosmetic dentistry, we can focus on improving the appearance of your teeth, mouth, and smile. Here at Whittle Dentistry near Cresson, TX, Dr. William Whittle can give you the healthy looking smile you’ve been dreaming of.

What benefits does cosmetic dentistry have?

Before undergoing any cosmetic procedure it is important to know what the benefits and risks are. What can you expect during the process?

There are many benefits of cosmetic dentistry, including:

  • Social Benefits

  • Health Benefits

  • Restorative Benefits

Social Benefits

Not only will cosmetic dentistry create a more confident smile, it will create a more confident you! Although it may seem silly at first, the truth is that having the confidence to show a healthy looking smile will make you seem more approachable to others. Cosmetic Dentistry near Cresson, TX helps improve the way others see you. Having a better and cleaner looking smile can also change the way others think of and act toward you. Studies have shown that people with brighter smiles and an attractive appearance have a better chance in getting job interviews and more of an advantage during social events.

Health Benefits

Receiving cosmetic dental surgery gives you not only a healthier looking smile, but can impact your health in general. A Whittle Dentistry associate mentions that in order to keep your teeth looking bright, white and new, you will want to kick your old habits of eating junk food, smoking cigarettes and drinking sugary drinks. This will not only help you keep your teeth looking good, but will also have a positive impact on your daily decisions and the way you live your life. Here are some common reasons why teeth become discolored:

  • Smoking

  • Drinking tea/coffee

  • Eating certain foods

  • Certain medications

Restorative Benefits

Dental fillings are known as a common procedure used to treat and restore decayed teeth. Dr. William Whittle says that dental fillings can be seen as a part of cosmetic dentistry because you can select the type of fillings (made of composite or porcelain material) that will match the color of your teeth. Many people choose to have old fillings replaced to maintain their natural appearance.

  • Teeth Whitening: Although home teeth whitening kits are available, it can take a lot longer than an in-office visit. This requires a chemical process that will be used to make your teeth brighter and whiter. Remember your teeth can become stained if constantly exposed to the same substances that originally stained them.

  • Bonding: Helps to fill in spaces between teeth, fill small cavities, or protect the exposed root of a tooth.

  • Crowns: Sometimes called “caps”, which completely cover a tooth to restore its original shape and appearance.

  • Dental Bridges: The replacement of missing teeth with artificial teeth.

Through cosmetic dentistry, we are able to change both the size and shape of your teeth, fill in any gaps, improve and correct overbites, replace and repair any missing or chipped teeth, and brighten or lighten the color of your teeth. If problems like these are a concern for you, please call our Cresson, TX dentist office so we can set up an appointment for you today at 817.249.5522.