Is Dental Crown Treatment Right For You?

If you live in Benbrook, TX and are looking to restore any decayed, fractured, or damaged teeth, dental crown treatment may be able to provide you with the best solution. Dental crowns offer our patients with both cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry benefits as well as oral health benefits. Here at Whittle Dentistry in Benbrook, TX, Dr. William Whittle can help provide you with the correct and affordable treatment option you’re searching for. He will be able to work with you to find if a dental crown is the right form of treatment you need. Here, we will provide you with some information on what dental crowns are, what they do, and how you can get treatment for your next dental appointment.

What is a Dental Crown?

crown acts as a cover or cap for your teeth to help restore your teeth to their normal shape, size, and appearance. Through today’s dental enhancements, Whittle Dentistry will be able to provide you with the proper restorative dentistry you need. Your oral health is our number one priority here at Whittle Dentistry, where our team promises to keep you up-to-date on the shape of your teeth, gums, jaw, and mouth.

Crowns are formed to properly fit in and around your mouth, offering you a more natural looking smile. Everyone’s smile is unique in terms of color, size, shape, and texture; which is why a dental crown is made for each individual tooth through a custom-made mold. You may be given a temporary restoration till your permanent crown is ready.

Type of Crowns:

  • Porcelain Crowns: A tooth colored crown that helps give off a more natural looking tooth
  • Gold Crowns: A gold-colored crown (Made of gold alloy)
  • Temporary Crowns: A temporary crown is put as a placeholder for a second appointment, when your actual crown is ready to be placed in your mouth

Why do I need a Crown?

Although dental crowns can provide significant cosmetic improvements to your smile, they can also provide strength and protection for damaged or weakened teeth. Your dentist may recommend a dental crown if:

  • You need help to strengthen a decayed tooth.
  • A tooth has undergone root canal therapy.
  • You need to protect a weak tooth from breaking or restore a fractured tooth.
  • You need a cover for your teeth that are discolored or poorly shaped.
  • You’re replacing a single missing tooth with a dental implant.
  • The chewing surfaces of your teeth are worn down from teeth grinding.
  • Your bite is not properly aligned.


If Dr. William Whittle recommends a crown, chances are it’s because you need to fix one of these conditions. However, if you’re looking at dental crown treatment for cosmetic benefits alone, you may want to look into other treatments we offer here at Whittle Dentistry such as Porcelain Veneers. The dental crown procedure generally involves two visits to the dentist over the course of two to three weeks, although many practices now offer same-day dental crowns.

If you’re feeling a new sudden discomfort in and around your tooth through your bite, the first step is not to worry. Dr. William Whittle and our team at Whittle Dentistry are here to help you as soon as possible! Call us here in Benbrook, TX at 817.249.5522 so we can set you up with our next available appointment.