Five Tips for Finding the Right Dentist

Dr. William Whittle and the team at Whittle Dentistry advise their prospective patients to consider a few important points when considering being treated by a new dentist near Azle, TX. Here are five tips to follow as you do your research.

  1. Ask friends and family One of the best resources for information when considering a new dentist is the opinions of your family and friends. They can relate their experiences, good and bad, with their dentists. Some good questions to ask are:
  • How long do I have to wait to be seen?
  • Do you feel comfortable with their staff?
  • How do they handle payments?
  • How do they handle emergencies?
  • How well does the dentist explain your options for treatment?
  1. Know their qualifications Most state dental boards have a searchable website of licensed dentists. It may also list a dentist’s education, training, and expertise. Use this resource to research dentists near where you live or work and learn more about what each Whittle Dentistry offers or specializes in.
  2. Confirm the location and hours Choose a dentist that is close to your job or home or somewhere along your commute. Ensuring that your dentist is conveniently located will lessen the stress of making and keeping important dental treatment appointments. Consider if their patient schedules and days open fit with your schedule.
  3. Discuss cost and payment Make sure that the provider you are considering participates with your insurance plan. Be certain of what procedures are covered and what any deductibles or annual limits might be. Many dental Whittle Dentistrys will offer their patients an extended payment schedule, payable over the course of treatment. Know what your dentist offers.
  4. Know how they handle emergencies Confirm with your prospective dentists when they are available for emergency office visits and what they require from you. Most dentists will make time during regular business hours to treat a patient with an emergency. Many may even take personal time to meet with a patient during an emergency.

Dr. William Whittle and the team at Whittle Dentistry near Azle, TX take great care in providing their patients with the most sensitive and appropriate care available. Trust them to take the time to plan the course of treatment most appropriate for you. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. William Whittle, call: 817.249.5522