Fluoride and Oral Health for Adults in Crowley, TX

Fluoride is an extremely important mineral for oral hygiene. It helps make the enamel stronger, and the mouth healthier. However, it is often associated solely with kids. This is because fluoride intake is highly important during tooth development, since it helps build the teeth to fight decay from acids down the road. Whittle Dentistry wants to stress though, that while fluoride is important for children, it doesn’t stop once teeth are developed. Fluoride is very important for adults’ oral health in Crowley, TX as well.

Why do adults need fluoride?

Fluoride is extremely beneficial to adults for many reasons. The first is the same reason why children are directed to use it; it makes the tooth enamel stronger. Strengthening tooth enamel means building an immunity to demineralization and acid erosion, thus keeping the teeth healthier and preventing cavities and decay. This is something that patients should always do, not just while their teeth are developing. The second is that fluoride can actually help fight preexisting tooth decay. If you are an adult patient in the Crowley, TX area that has tooth decay, Dr. Whittle recommends increasing your fluoride intake. The increase in fluoride will speed up remineralization, building the enamel back to health and blocking acid production in the future. Finally, fluoride is important for adults because it is a great way to prevent the damages certain oral diseases can cause. For example, an adult suffering from dry mouth conditions or gum disease may experience damages to the teeth as a side effect. Dr. Whittle says continuing to have good fluoride levels will prevent some of these damages, and ensure strong oral health near Crowley, TX.

Where can you get fluoride from?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring element, that is found in water and in many foods. Additionally, fluoride is often added to the local drinking water. Often, patients in Crowley, TX will find that just drinking fluoridated water can be enough. However there are also products out there that have fluoride added. Adults who are looking to increase their fluoride intake should be sure to buy a toothpaste with added fluoride, or use a fluoridated mouth wash. These products will help to ensure that adults in Crowley, TX are getting enough fluoride, and keeping their mouths in the best possible health. If you have any questions about how much fluoride you should be adding to your oral care, or want to know which products we recommend, call Whittle Dentistry at (817) 249-5522.

What should you do next?

Now that you know how important fluoride for adults is, what should be your next step? The first is to come in to Whittle Dentistry. Dr. Whittle will check on your teeth and give you tips about what you should do to keep your oral health in Crowley, TX looking and feeling its best. The next step is to take Dr. Whittle’s tips and apply them to your lifestyle. Creating a lifetime of beautiful smiles starts at Whittle Dentistry, but continues at home in Crowley, TX, where patients must always be active in keeping cavities, decay, and other problems from forming in the mouth. If you would like to set up an appointment with Whittle Dentistry, or learn more about the benefits of flouride on adult oral health in Crowley, TX, do not hesitate to Contact Us today.