What Oral Health Problems Can Your Dentist Correct?

Just like brushing and flossing your teeth, going to the dentist should be a part of everyone’s routine. However, many people just visit the dentist for a regular check up to make sure their teeth are healthy. Not many patients actually know what oral health problems a dentist can correct and sometimes let problems go unannounced because they do not know whether their dentist can help them. At Whittle Dentistry, Dr. William Whittle can help with an array of oral health problems near Cresson, TX, beginning with this list of what oral health problems dentists can solve.

  1. Most importantly, Dr. William Whittle can make sure your teeth are clean and healthy. If your teeth are not as healthy as they should be, your dentist can help you with tips regarding how to improve their state. Some health problems that a dentist can fix regarding your overall oral health include bad breath, yellowing teeth, or a buildup of plaque. Some ways to fix the problems may include new toothpastes, a new way to brush your teeth, or even a new routine.

  2. Dentists can also help with more serious issues such as gingivitis. The team at Whittle Dentistry can help correct this oral health problem near Cresson, TX because of their routine check-ups. Gingivitis is the only reversible stage of gum disease which is why it is extremely important to not only keep good oral hygiene but to routinely go to your dentist and check for problems.

  3. Another oral health problem which Dr. William Whittle can correct in three different ways is missing teeth. One, bridges are fake teeth which are put into the mouth and bridge gaps made by missing teeth. This type of fix can either be permanent or removable, depending on the severity. Two, dentures are fake teeth which are put into your mouth to replicate your original teeth. Dentures are used by patients who have lost either all of their teeth or most of their teeth. Just like bridges, however, dentures can be either permanent or removable depending on the dentist and the patient. Finally, implants are placed surgically into the mouth to replicate the missing teeth and look the most like natural teeth. All of the above options are offered by Dr. William Whittle at Whittle Dentistry would be happy to sit down to discuss which option would work the best for you.

  4. Have you ever been eating and your teeth hurt because the food is either too hot or too cold? Sensitive teeth is another oral health problem which your dentist can correct. Your dentist might recommend a specific toothpaste which can desensitize your teeth. Your dentist can also help you correct your oral hygiene and routine to improve teeth sensitivity.

  5. If you mouth feels constantly dry, your dentist can help by checking for decayed teeth which can decrease the amount of saliva in your mouth. Saliva is extremely important to wash away any diseases and if your mouth is not producing enough, it may be a serious issue which your dentist can help correct.

  6. Finally, the most serious issue which Dr. William Whittle can help with near Cresson, TX is mouth or throat cancers. Schedule regular dental check-ups so Dr. William Whittle can make sure no changes are occurring and treat possible cancerous activity as soon as possible.

Other than just regular check-ups, Dr. William Whittle of Whittle Dentistry near Cresson, TX can help patients correct many different oral health issues. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit our office or call Whittle Dentistry at 817-249-5522!