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Searching for a dentist near me? Are you looking for a dentist near Fort Worth TX to assist with all of your family’s dental needs?  Look no further then Whittle Dentistry. We specialize in providing the best dental care to our patients in a friendly environment and state of the art facility. Dentist Near Me in Fort Worth TX Affordable Dentistry Near You If you are looking for a dentist for you or a loved one, Whittle Dentistry is here to help. We accept most major insurances and also offer payment plans to ensure affordable care to all patients, no …

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How to Maintain Invisalign® Cleanliness

Virtually undetectable, Dr. William Whittle stresses the importance of keeping your teeth clean and your clear aligners spotless so that treatment with Invisalign® remains unnoticeable. Dr. Whittle and his team at Whittle Dentistry in Benbrook, TX offer these tips to help patients maintain the cleanliness of their aligners a little better: Remove your aligners. Remember to remove your clear aligners before eating, brushing and flossing. Also be sure to rinse your aligners before putting them back into your mouth. Make a first aid Invisalign® cleaning kit. Get into the habit of taking a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss with you wherever you go and design a special container just for your Invisalign®-cleaning tools and keep it …

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Do You Need Invisalign?

Many parents in the Azle, TX area wonder if their teen needs Invisalign, and even grapple with the question of, “Do I need Invisalign?” themselves! Here’s a helpful list that outlines when you should call Dr. William Whittle of Whittle Dentistry to schedule an initial consultation: 1. Early or late loss of baby teeth 2. Teeth that meet in an abnormal way 3. Finger sucking or other oral habits 4. Crowding, misplaced, or blocked-out teeth 5. Jaws that shift, make sounds, protrude or recede 6. Speech difficulty 7. Biting the cheek or biting into the roof of the mouth 8. Difficulty of chewing or biting 9. Facial imbalance or asymmetry …

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Maintaining Your Beautiful Smile After Invisalign®

Caring for your smile does not stop after Invisalign®, maintaining your new smile requires retention. Understanding that many people do not realize the great importance of wearing retainers, Dr. William Whittle and his team at Whittle Dentistry in Benbrook, TX, offer patients this brief introduction to the dental appliance: Always wear your retainer. Retainers are typically worn fulltime for a fixed amount of time, followed by INDEFINITE nightwear for the rest of your life. Wearing your retainer will keep your teeth looking their best for a lifetime. Also noteworthy, like Invisalign®, retainers are removable. When removing your retainer, always put it in your plastic retainer case, clean it …

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6 Things That Destroy Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is the clear outer layer of the tooth. You can think of enamel as a tough eggshell protecting the soft part of the tooth inside, in fact, enamel is the hardest substance in the body. Dr. William Whittle of Whittle Dentistryin Benbrook, TX, stresses that damage to enamel is permanent and can cause a number of teeth issues. Here’s 6 things that destroy tooth enamel: 1. Acids from foods and bacteria eat away at enamel causing erosion, the shrinking of tooth size, and cavities. This is the same for drinks like sodas, sweet teas and wine. 2. Dentin, the hard, dense, bony …

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Exploring Different Retention Options

When your treatment with Invisalign comes to an end at Whittle Dentistry in Benbrook, TX the next step is a retainer. Retainers are used to hold the teeth in their new positions, and are either removable or permanent. Removable retainers are fairly easy to use and care for, and they make brushing and flossing easier and more comfortable. The retainer is placed in at night, worn while you sleep and taken out in the morning. Retainer schedules may vary from individual to individual, but there are generally times during the day where Dr. William Whittle may or may not mandate wearing it. Dr. Whittle stresses that this can lead …

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Is Invisalign® Appropriate for Your Teeth’s Needs?

So you’ve decided that you’re not happy with your smile, and you want to do what it takes to get the smile that you’re looking for. This is totally normal for many adults. We at Whittle Dentistry also understand that Invisalign® is the preferred treatment option, especially in the working world, but is Invisalign® appropriate for your teeth’s needs? Dr. William Whittle recommends Invisalign to adults that are dealing with mild to moderately severe crowding of their teeth. If you’re unsure if you fit within these qualifications, contact Dr. Whittle at 817.249.5522 or stop by Whittle Dentistry when and if you are in the Benbrook, TX area to schedule an appointment with Dr. Whittle so that he …

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Keep Your Cool Image with Invisalign

To many, image is everything and metal brackets and wires do not sound like the next hottest thing. The good news is that there is an alternative to traditional braces, and Dr. William Whittle of Whittle Dentistry wants to remind you that Invisalign is a whole new way of wearing braces for a “clearly” amazing smile! Invisalign in Benbrook TX How does Invisalign work? With a series of clear aligners that move your teeth very slightly over time you can eliminate crooked teeth, misaligned teeth and gaps in your smile.  Also noteworthy, you can remove the aligners to eat or to brush your teeth – unlike traditional metal braces. Invisalign is …

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  • About Whittle Dentistry

    About Whittle Dentistry

    Dr. William Whittle takes great pride in providing quality dentistry to families throughout Benbrook, Fort Worth and surrounding towns. Whether you are looking for cosmetic, restorative, or general dentistry, Dr Whittle and staff will make sure you get the best, and most advanced treatment possible.

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    Dental Services

    Dental Services

    At Whittle Dentistry we offer the most advanced dental technology to provide your family with the quality care you deserve. Some of our services include root canals, tooth extraction, teeth whitening, Invisalign, Cerec Crowns, Bridges, and Dentures.

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    Affordable Family Dentist

    Affordable Family Dentist

    We want to make sure you get the best and most affordable dental care possible. At Whittle Dentistry we offer a variety of payment options, to help make sure your dentist visit fits into your financial life.

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  • Cerec® Crowns

    Cerec® Crowns

    CEREC technology allows Dr. Whittle to create porcelain restorations, such as crowns and bridges, while you wait.

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    Straighten your teeth today, with the clear braces alternative. Invisalign is a quick and easy way to improve your smile.

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    VELScope Oral Cancer

    VELScope Oral Cancer

    VELscope screening takes only a matter of minutes and can identify potential problem areas that the naked eye cannot see.

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