Tips to Stay Cavity Free this Easter

Not many people are aware of this, but oral hygiene is a BIG part of your overall health. During Easter, you might be snacking on lots of chocolate or sugary jelly beans, which really aren’t good for your teeth. Keeping your teeth healthy and clean will make you less susceptible to gum disease, and will remove plaque from any spaces where they build up. Today, we brought in Dr. William Whittle of Whittle Dentistry to give you some tips on keeping your teeth clean to keep you as healthy as possible! He is an expert dentist in Benbrook, TX, and has years of expertise treating both adults and children, and helping them keep their teeth stay cavity free!

Brushing your Teeth

This is a major part of keeping good oral hygiene. Before you start, rinse your mouth out with water to dislodge any food in and around the teeth. Dr. William Whittle says that when you start brushing, use a fluoride toothpaste and brush the gumline at a 45 degree angle. Then, angle the brush downwards and cover the tops of each tooth and then angle it up to brush the bottoms. This will ensure that you’ve reached the maximum area of your teeth’s surfaces and will remove any plaque or food remnants. A Whittle Dentistry associate says that even if your child has been brushing on their own, they may need help with brushing until they’re comfortable with this new routine.

Flossing your Teeth

The second phase of good oral hygiene includes keeping up with your flossing habits. The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) states that flossing is just as critical to good oral hygiene as brushing. Dr. William Whittle says that one popular tool used to make flossing easier is a floss pick. These are two prongs attached to a handle that are small and hold a section of floss between them. The opposite end has a pick for you to use to clean spaces between and under the teeth. Many stores offer floss picks for both children and adults, and can be either reusable, or single-use. If you’re using regular dental floss, 18 inches is the recommended length that you should be using.

Use a Fluoride Rinse

Another step that you can take is to use a fluoride rinse from Listerine, Colgate, or ACT. The Whittle Dentistry professionals say that this rinse will clean any surfaces that you forgot to brush or floss, or are inaccessible, and will also prevent bad breath. You should swish the solution around in your mouth for thirty seconds and then spit it out into the sink. Try to refrain from eating for thirty minutes after rinsing just to make sure that your teeth remain clean.

By following Dr. William Whittle’s tips, you will be able to maintain good oral hygiene! If you have any questions, give the Whittle Dentistry team a call at 817.249.5522. They all have the knowledge to help you take care of your teeth. If you’re looking for an experienced dentist in Benbrook, TX that will take every step to make sure that your treatment experience is as comfortable as possible. Have a happy and healthy Easter!