How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Let the professionals at Whittle Dentistry teach you about the process of teeth whitening in Benbrook, TX. Dr. William Whittle and the team at Whittle Dentistry deliver to their patients the highest level of knowledge and expertise available when it comes to teeth whitening in Benbrook TX. There are also other benefits that come along with teeth whitening aside from simply whiter teeth.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening in Benbrook TX

• Social Benefits: Not only will cosmetic dentistry create a more confident smile, it will create a more confident you!

• Health Benefits: To keep teeth white you will want to kick your old habits of eating junk food, smoking cigarettes and drinking sugary drinks.

The different types of teeth whitening options we offer to patients in Tarrant County TX helps them brighten, whiten, straighten or even create a new a natural and appealing looking smile. Dr. Whittle says these are some common reasons why teeth can become discolored:

• Smoking

• Drinking tea/coffee

• Eating certain foods

• Certain medications

At Whittle Dentistry we offer two types of teeth whitening processes:

· At home: This treatment utilizes a special mouthpiece that fits comfortably over your teeth. Dr. Whittle will provide you with a powerful whitening gel that you will place into the mouthpiece, as well as detailed instructions that will help you achieve the best possible results.

· In office: This treatment involves a mouthpiece just like the at-home option, however a much stronger whitening gel is used, which, when exposed to a special light source, dissolves away years of discolorations and stains in minutes.

Dr. William Whittle and the team at Whittle Dentistry are experts in teeth whitening. If you have any questions pertaining to restorative dentistry, general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in Benbrook TX, Fort Worth TX and Tarrant County TX or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. William Whittle contact Whittle Dentistry at: (817) 249-5522