Why Is It Important To See The Dentist During Pregnancy?

What Effect Does Pregnancy Have On Teeth?

It is important for women to take proper care of their teeth and gums during pregnancy. When women become pregnant, they experience hormonal changes that increase the risk of developing gum disease. As a result, this can affect the health and development of your unborn baby. As a result, it is important to visit a Benbrook dentist during pregnancy.

Why Is It Important To Visit The Dentist During Pregnancy?

Don’t miss a routine dental checkup simply because you are pregnant. Regular exams are very important, now more than ever! Hormonal changes during pregnancy greatly increase the risk for periodontal disease and tender gums. A condition called pregnancy gingivitis refers to the common experience of gums bleeding easily. Although, it is important to pay particular attention to any changes in your gums during pregnancy. If bleeding, tenderness, or swelling of your gums occurs at any time during your pregnancy, contact your dentist to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

What Procedures Can Be Completed By A Dentist During Pregnancy?

Routine dental care can be completed at any time during pregnancy. However, all elective dental procedures should be postponed until after the delivery. Before having your dental appointment, check with your obstetrician for any special precautions or instructions.

What Should I Do For Morning Sickness During Pregnancy?

dentist during pregnancy enbrook tx If you are suffering from morning sickness that has an effect on you brushing your teeth, it may help to change to a bland-flavored toothpaste for the duration of pregnancy. Furthermore, it is important to rinse with water or mouthwash if you have bouts of frequent vomiting during morning sickness. Ask a Benbrook dentist such as Dr. Whittle for any toothpaste or mouthwash recommendations.

Finding A Dentist During Pregnancy In Benbrook TX

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