What’s the hardest Substance in Your Body?

If you guessed your teeth, you’re correct. As your family dentist, Dr. Whittle wants to take the best care of your teeth and all your dental needs. Besides being essential for chewing, our teeth play an important role in the way we speak. But do we know the parts of each tooth and their name? Learn more about your teeth and how they come together to give you your unique smile with Dr. Whittle and his team at Whittle Dentistry near Fort Worth, TX.

1. Enamel is the hardest, white outer part of the tooth. Enamel is mostly made of calcium phosphate, a rock-hard mineral.

2. Dentin is the layer underlying the enamel. Dentin is made of living cells, which secrete a hard mineral substance.

3. Pulp is the softer, living inner structure of teeth. Blood vessels and nerves run through the pulp of the teeth.

4. Cementum is a layer of connective tissue that binds the roots of the teeth firmly to the gums and jawbone.

5. Periodontal ligament is tissue that helps hold the teeth tightly against the jaw.

6. Incisors (8 total) are the middlemost four teeth on the upper and lower jaws.

7. Canines (4 total) are the pointed teeth just outside the incisors.

8. Premolars (8 total) are the teeth between the canines and molars.

9. Molars (8 total) are the flat teeth in the rear of the mouth, best at grinding food.

10. Wisdom teeth or third molars (4 total) erupt at around age 18, but are often surgically removed to prevent displacement of other teeth.

Often times our teeth grow in misaligned and that’s where family dentist Dr. Whittle steps in. If you are thinking about Invisalign®contact our practice TODAY at 817-249-5522.